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Author: Paul Kyberd

On the Record: The Black Assize

On the Record: The Black ...

One of the characters at Oxford Castle Unlocked is a man known as Rowland Jenkes who, while appearing at Oxford Assize Court in the 16th century, put a curse on the court and as a result, over 300 people died in the city of Oxford.  It is a fascinating story brilliantly portrayed a fellow tour […]

On the Record: The Queen’s in Oxford

On the Record: The Queen&...

Our Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays, her actual birthday on 21st April and another on the second Saturday of June known as the Queen’s Official Birthday.  This was first celebrated in 1748 under the reign of King George II to celebrate the birthday of the Monarch with what is now known […]

On the Record: Train Day & The Great Train Robbery

On the Record: Train Day ...

On Saturday 13th May, it’s ‘Train Day’ with events taking place throughout the country.  Trains takes my mind back to a robbery that took place in Buckinghamshire in 1963.  In the early hours of one morning a train was stopped and then robbed of its mail bags.  Mail bags contained banknotes being returned to the Royal […]

On the Record: St George’s Day celebrations

On the Record: St George&...

This Sunday we celebrate St George’s Day.  A day of celebration. Friends getting together and enjoying a good St George’s Day lunch which always includes Roast Beef and Yorkshire puddings.   St George’s day was celebrated in St George’s Crypt up until the closure of Oxford Prison in 1996.   As a Detective I would […]

On The Record: The Execution of Oliver Butler

On The Record: The Execut...

Here is the second in our ‘On The Record’ blog series with one of our tour guides Paul Kyberd, a former Oxfordshire Constabulary Police Detective. In his blog series, he’ll be sharing stories of his experiences in the police force and his many visits to HMP Oxford Castle during his career. Check out Paul’s introductory […]