Medieval Fool School

Have you got what it takes to be a jester?

Dates: Saturday 28th May, Monday 30th May, Wednesday 1st June, Friday 3rd June, Saturday 4th June

Time: 9.30am
The event will last approximately 1 hour

Price: £11 per child

These cousins have been rowing for too long! And as they say, laughter is the best medicine… It’s high-time to make the grumpy old King (Stephen) and Queen (Matilda) laugh!

Led by our very own court jester, an expert in her field, you’ll be taught all of the necessary skills to make even the grouchiest of monarch’s chuckle!

Over the course of 1 hour, you’ll learn the art of…

• Making your very own Jester Hat
• Knock-knock jokes
• Plate Spinning
• Juggling

And the always-successful, last resort…

The tickle-feather! Guaranteed to earn you a giggle when the king and queen are feeling particularly grouchy. Only to be used when all other options have failed!

You will put your new skills to the test and attempt to make King Stephen or Queen Matilda laugh!

After you have successfully completed Medieval Fool School you will receive a certificate of Foolery to take home as well as your Jester Hat to impress your friends and family (and make them laugh of course!)


Please note: Capacity for Medieval Fool School is limited to 15 children per session.

For FAQs about Medieval Fool School please click here.



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