Oxford Castle Mound

17th Jan, 2023

One of the most interesting features of Oxford Castle & Prison is the Mound. It’s large earthwork was built by the Normans, and it served as the foundation for the castle’s keep.

In 1071, William the Conqueror found Oxford already thriving as a Saxon burgh, so constructed a castle mound within the existing city walls. Initially, the castle consisted of a simple earthwork mound, or motte, likely topped with a wooden palisade. Later, Constable Robert d’Oilly added a stone keep to the top. The well chamber belonging to this still survives today!

The mound is an important part of the castle’s history, and it played a vital role in the castle’s defences.

Oxford castle & Prison from the mound
A view of an event from the mound.

In addition to its historical significance, it also boasts a unique view of the surrounding area. Festivals, events and celebrations are hosted at the mound and castle grounds.

an arial view of the mound
An arial view of the mound

As part of your visit to Oxford Castle & Prison you can access the area at your own leisure, and for a small fee you can go up at anytime.

Oxford Castle & Prison’s Mound is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Oxford’s history. The castle’s fascinating history, impressive architecture, and beautiful setting make it a top choice for anyone visiting Oxford.

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