Continuum Attractions is passionate about sustainability and we strive to do the right thing for the environment, our communities, our guests and our team. As a tourist attraction operator we recognise that we impact on, and can positively contribute to, achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The goals of particular relevance to our business are as follows:

Core principles

Our approach to sustainability is founded on the following core Group principles, which apply to all sites:

  • Being an active member of local community – participating in cultural and historical events and attractions, using local producers and supporting local charities with donations in time, money and access to our facilities.
  • Providing a supportive, fair and inclusive work environment where individual differences are embraced and team health and wellbeing is paramount. Our wellbeing programme includes an Employee Assistance Programme, mental health first-aiders, the cycle-to-work scheme, the flu jab and discounted gym membership. All team members are paid at least the national living wage.
  • Making our attractions accessible to the widest possible range of people as practicable, and offering educational experiences for school children at all our attractions.
  • Always protecting the health, safety and data of our guests and team.
  • Respecting the environment and seeking to minimise our impact through energy and water efficiency, waste minimisation and recycling, and encouraging low carbon transport to our attractions.
  • Avoiding the use of single use plastics where possible and being part of the Refill scheme to encourage and enable the use of refillable water bottles.
  • Operating ethically and with integrity. Abiding by the letter and spirit of all relevant legislation, including prohibiting corruption and bribery in all forms, and respecting human rights.
  • Being mindful of our supply chain sustainability impacts and implementing a Responsible Sourcing Policy to drive improvements in this area.
  • Providing sustainability training for all team members and additional training, education and expert support for relevant roles as necessary.
  • Communicating our sustainability approach internally and externally, and proactively seeking feedback on our approach though post-visit customer surveys.

Local implementation

Individual attractions are encouraged and supported to implement their own local sustainability initiatives to support the Group principles.  At Oxford Castle & Prison these include:

  • Hosting ‘Jail and Bail’ events where volunteers are locked in the prison and have to fundraise £1,000 to get out.
  • Supporting a local hospice, Helen and Douglas House with fundraising and use of the Castle event space.
  • Lighting up the attraction in support of community, cultural or charity events such as the NSPCC and Oxford Pride.
  • Taking part and supporting NSPCC with their fundraising events such as the Christmas Trail for which we allow them to use the attraction as a base
  • Taking part in local community events such as the light festival and work with the University to put on a Son et Lumiere
  • Having a trained mental health first aider in the team.
  • Providing translation sheets to make our attraction as accessible as possible to different language speakers.
  • Transitioning to low energy PIR and/or LED lighting.
  • Providing recycling bins in customer and office locations.
  • Using biodegradable cups for coffee and mead.
  • Encouraging water efficiency with dual flush toilets and mixer taps.
  • Where possible we use carbon capture paper for our marketing leaflets.

Our approach to responsible procurement is led by our Group Retail Manager and overseen by our Chief Executive.

This policies applies to all retail, food and beverage purchases.

We are continually evolving and improving our approach and will review and update this policy at least annually.

Signed by Chris Abbott, General Manager

Date: 14/11/22.

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Continuum Attractions is committed to achieving the highest standards of Health & Safety to all its visitors and employees. We are proud of the processes, systems and procedures we have in place across our business. Health & Safety is much a part of our company culture as our dedication to delivering unique experiences in memorable locations.