Gift Shop

Open daily from 10.00am to 5.30pm. The Gift shop is open to the general public and can be accessed via the Castleyard.

Built into the walls of the prison, here you’ll find unique gifts and souvenirs to mark your visit to Oxford Castle Unlocked.

How about a fridge magnet with Mr Barker’s steely gaze to watch you around your kitchen? Or tipsy gypsy Elizabeth Boswell on a postcard? A selection of our characters have been immortalised on postcards and fridge magnets, plus keep a timeline of the castle’s many historic events as a bookmark so that you always remember what you learnt on your tour!

We stock a fantastic selection on Papo products, including the Knights Castle, which comes in a number of parts or as a complete set. We also have a selection of characters to inhabit your castle including knights in shining armour, the damsels in distress and even dragons!

Supporting local businesses, the Oxford Castle Unlocked shop also proudly stocks items from The Oxford Soap Company, a family-run business that designs and hand-makes soaps and cosmetics in the heart of Oxford. Famous for their high quality, hand crafted moisturising soaps, the products are made in small batches, ensuring that each slice is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Oxford is thought of by many as the literary capital of Britain so it is fitting that the Oxford Castle Unlocked shop contains a number of books which will help you explore the city and history better. From an in-depth look at the stories of Alice in Wonderland to a book exploring the haunted parts of Oxford, there’s a book for everyone.

Plus, don’t forget to take a look at your mugshot as you’re released from the cells – what will your crime and punishment be..?