Birds of Prey at Oxford Castle & Prison

Birds of Prey at Oxford Castle

Experience the thrill of being a medieval falconer this summer and get up close and personal with magnificent birds of prey! You’ll witness these magnificent owls, falcons & hawks soaring through the air, diving for their prey, and showing off their incredible hunting skills.

Choose from a Handling Session, with a chance to hold and admire the birds up close. Or, take part in a Flying Session. You’ll be able to fly these incredible birds under the close supervision of expert handlers.

Brought to you by Berkshire Birds of Prey, we’ll have an array of fantastic birds on show, from owls to hawks.


Start Session
10:00 Handling session
10:40 Handling Session
11:20 Handling session
12:00 Flying session
13:45 Handling Session
14:25 Handling Session
15:05 Handling Session
15:45 Flying session

Handling sessions last 30 minutes
Flying sessions last 40 minutes



What happens if it rains?

Wherever possible, we will try to run flying sessions. However, these are live birds, who will not fly if the weather is extremely bad!

In the event of poor weather we may need to run Handling sessions instead of Flying sessions. If this happens and you are booked on a Flying session, we will refund the difference in ticket price on the day.

Is there an age limit?

There is no minimum age for the event, but please note that all children need to be accompanied by a paying adult.

Do I need to book tickets to the Castle?

This is a separate event outside in the Castleyard. You don’t need to to book tickets for our standard tour.


15 June & 31 Aug


10:00, 10:40, 11:20, 12:00, 13:45, 14:25, 15:05 & 15:45


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