Romeo & Juliet with Troilus & Cressida

BMH Productions presents a Shakespeare double-bill at Oxford Castle & Prison:

Romeo & Juliet, with Troilus & Cressida

In this fast-paced and accessible double bill, the fates of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers are shaped by love and loyalty, family and conflict.


In fair Verona, the world’s most famous story of love at first sight explodes with intense passion. Romeo and Juliet’s love defies the fatal feud that divides their families. United against parental disapproval, tradition, and even fate itself, can their love triumph over hatred?

In Shakespeare’s lesser known retelling of another world-shaking love, the Trojan war is raging, ignited by the fateful romance between Helen and Paris. On the beaches outside Troy, the mighty Achilles and great-hearted Patroclus fight together for glory. In the midst of all this, Paris’ brother Troilus has fallen in love with Cressida, just as her father has defected to the enemy. Amidst the chaos of war, can love prevail?

With over a decade’s experience of producing innovative one-hour Shakespeare, BMH Productions returns to Oxford Castle with a thrilling evening of open-air theatre.



17 Jun - 29 Jun


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