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Ghosts of Oxford Castle – the Final Chapter

So you’ve heard all week about the ghostly experiences of our tour guides as they explore the castle and just as we were preparing to wrap up our blog series, the ghosts of Oxford Castle struck again, this time with our General Manager. In this blog post, Lauren recounts her spooky encounter…


corridor-d-wing-low-res“So just ahead of Ghost Fest, I just had an utterly terrifying experience in the castle! I was just in the office with the door open and the lift door on the landing outside started rattling like someone was trying to get out. I jumped out of my chair and almost got to the door before being too scared to go any further and it did it again! I honestly have never been so scared – I had to phone my boyfriend before I did a walk round the castle – no one around! Don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight (or work late alone again for a while!)”


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