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Presenting BMH Productions…

28th Jul, 2016

Next week brings the beginning of the fourth and final Shakespeare play to be presented in our Castleyard. BMH Productions will perform two Shakespeare plays in the space of one, with short versions of Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, both classics! We met with Edward Blagrove and Ashley Harvey, producers at BMH Productions to find out more…


Presenting Siege Theatre…

14th Jul, 2016

Michael Speight, Director of Oxford Shakespeare Festival, explains to us how the festival came about and what we have to look forward to from his other role as Director at Siege Theatre, which will bring The Tempest to the stage from Monday 18th July.


Presenting Tomahawk Theatre

7th Jul, 2016

Oxford Shakespeare Festival has returned to our castleyard, with four fantastic productions presented over eight weeks throughout the summer. Alex Nicholls who runs Tomahawk Theatre sat down with us to discuss his production of Much Ado About Nothing which is on now until 16th July.

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