Meet the Investigators: Philip Barron

12th Apr, 2021

Meet the investigators! Philip Barron is a paranormal investigator for Haunted Happenings. On Saturday 24th April, he will be conducting a LIVE investigation of Oxford Castle & Prison with his fellow Haunted Happenings team. Make sure to tune in to see what they reveal! 

Since an early age, Philip’s been interested in all things paranormal. After a close encounter with the other realm 16 years ago, this first taste of the paranormal got him hooked on explaining what he encountered. This fascination led him to join Haunted Happenings in 2005. He has now been on over 250 investigations across the country. With Haunted Happenings, he has been able to get one step closer to finding out the truth and learning more about his past experiences.

One Halloween, Philip took a group picture of those attending a ghost hunt at the derelict Newsham Park Hospital. In the photo the spirit of a little girl can be seen…

Take a look for yourself…

Group picture from a paranormal investigation that includes a ghostly figure in the middle.

A few weeks later Philip returned to Newsham Park Hospital and conducted a vigil in the basement of the hospital. Through the means of an Ouija Board, he was contacted by the spirit of the girl from the photo. It is safe to say this was one of Philips’ most prolific and memorable experiences with the paranormal.

It is experiences like these that keep Philip on his toes during paranormal investigations. He never knows what could happen! With his expertise and ghostly gravitas, hopefully, he will be able to contact those living in Oxford Castle & Prison on the night.

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