Paranormal Investigation! Meet the Investigators: Jenny and Will

19th Apr, 2021



On Saturday 24th April, Haunted Happenings will be conducting a VIRTUAL ghost hunt of Oxford Castle & Prison. From the comfort of your living room, you’ll be able to tune in and investigate with their professional Paranormal Investigators. Today we are meeting two of the investigators who will be here live on the night. Lets get to know them before the paranormal investigation this weekend!

Jenny Bolton

Jenny joined Haunted Happenings during Halloween 2019 after attending a few of their events as a guest. She quickly caught the paranormal bug and joined the team! She enjoys all aspects of investigating but it’s the more traditional activities that really pique her interest, especially glass divination. Working for Haunted Happenings means she has been able to visit many fascinating (and haunted) historic locations across the UK. When working for Haunted Happenings, she loves to facilitate an authentic ghost hunting experience for the guests. She has yet to investigate Oxford Castle & Prison but is very much looking forward to finding out who or what may be haunting it.

Will Baker

Will has been working for Haunted Happenings for over 3 years. In that time, he has had many amazing and unexplained experiences. He never researches the history of a location before his visit, so he has no prerequisite ideas of who he might meet during the Vigils. When investigating, his favourite method of communication with the paranormal is via the Ouija Board. This gives him greater detail on who he is interacting with. He also likes using and experimenting with newer forms of communication technology and trigger objects. They quickly make apparent what can’t be seen. Whilst he has not yet investigated Oxford Castle & Prison, it has been on his list of places he has wanted to visit for a long time. He is very excited to finally be able to investigate the historic site.

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