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Ghosts of Oxford Castle – the Final Chapter

29th Oct, 2016

So you’ve heard all week about the ghostly experiences of our tour guides as they explore the castle and just as we were preparing to wrap up our blog series, the ghosts of Oxford Castle struck again…


Doctor of Parapsychology Ciaran O’Keeffe Ghoulish Q&A

28th Oct, 2016

The whole team at Oxford Castle Unlocked were super excited to have Ciaran O’Keeffe coming to host a Paranormal evening as part of our Ghost Fest event. Ciaran will be at the Castle this evening speaking to a sold-out crowd, eager to hear about his time on Most Haunted and his many ghostly encounters. We spoke to Ciaran before the event to find out more about his work and if he really believes in ghosts…


The Ghosts of Oxford Castle – A Guest’s Perspective

28th Oct, 2016

We recently held a competition on our Facebook page, asking for our guests to send in their best ghost stories and paranormal experiences at Oxford Castle. The winning story certainly sent chills down our spine…


Oxford Castle Ghosts – Chapter Four

27th Oct, 2016

We’ve been sharing ghost stories from our team all week, which we think shows just how haunted our 1000 year old buildings are!


Ghosts of Oxford Castle – Chapter Three

26th Oct, 2016

In the third installment of our Ghosts of Oxford Castle series, we spoke to Gypsy Boswell about her most haunted experience…


Ghosts of Oxford Castle – Chapter Two

24th Oct, 2016

Here is the second in our Ghosts of Oxford Castle series, from Mr Holloway…


Ghosts of Oxford Castle – Chapter One

22nd Oct, 2016

We got the team together to share our own peculiar experiences of Oxford Castle. In this special blog series, we’ll thrill you with a series of stories in the lead up to Halloween!


Ghost Fest is here! How haunted is Oxford?

6th Oct, 2016

Oxford has a lot to offer when it comes to ghosts so we’ve collected a few stories to whet your appetite…

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