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Victorian Crime and Punishment

10th Jan, 2020

Discover how the Victorians used to punish their prisoners and how Oxford Castle & Prison has changed over the years.


On The Record: My Time In The Thames Valley Police Force

10th Apr, 2018

A look back on the force, in the words of our very own tour guide, Paul Kyberd…


On the record: Looking back at HMP Oxford

15th Aug, 2017

Oxford Prison eventually closed its doors as a prison in 1996 and remained closed until 2006 when it opened up as a hotel and attraction. In his latest post, former Oxford Police Detective Paul Kyberd shares an aerial view of the prison he remembers…


On the Record: The Black Assize

13th Jun, 2017

The old county court in Oxford is the site of one of the most infamous events in the castle’s history. In the latest edition of our ‘On the Record’ blog series, Paul Kyberd reminisces about his experiences in Oxford’s courthouses in his role as an Oxfordshire Police Detective!


On the Record: The Queen’s in Oxford

8th Jun, 2017

Current tour guide and former police detective Paul Kyberd shares another of his memorable stories from his work for Oxfordshire Constabulary. In this blog, Paul shares a particularly memorable time when the Queen visited Oxford.


On the Record: Train Day & The Great Train Robbery

12th May, 2017

On Saturday 13th May, it’s ‘Train Day’ with events taking place throughout the country.  Trains takes my mind back to a robbery that took place in Buckinghamshire in 1963…


On the Record: St George’s Day celebrations

20th Apr, 2017

This Sunday, we celebrate St George’s Day.  St George’s day was celebrated in St George’s Crypt up until the closure of Oxford Prison in 1996. Tour guide and former Oxford police detective Paul Kyberd recounts his memories of past St. George’s Day celebrations.


On The Record: The Execution of Oliver Butler

30th Mar, 2017

Here is the second in our ‘On The Record’ blog series with one of our tour guides Paul Kyberd, a former Oxfordshire Constabulary Police Detective. In his blog series, he’ll be sharing stories of his experiences in the police force and his many visits to HMP Oxford Castle during his career. Check out Paul’s introductory blog post to find out more about his policing past. In this post, Paul shares the history of the last Oxford Prison execution…

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