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Meet the Investigators: Jenny and Will

19th Apr, 2021


On Saturday 24th April, Haunted Happenings will be conducting a VIRTUAL ghost hunt of Oxford Castle & Prison. From the comfort of your living room, you’ll be able to tune in and investigate with their professional Paranormal Investigators. Today we are meeting two of the investigators who will be here live on the night, so get to know them before you go ghost hunting with them this weekend!

Jenny Bolton

Jenny joined Haunted Happenings during Halloween 2019 after attending a few of their events as a guest. She quickly caught the paranormal bug and joined the team! She enjoys all aspects of investigating but it’s the more traditional activities that really pique her interest, especially glass divination. Working for Haunted Happenings means she has been able to visit many fascinating (and haunted) historic locations across the UK. When working for Haunted Happenings, she loves to facilitate an authentic ghost hunting experience for the guests. She has yet to investigate Oxford Castle & Prison but is very much looking forward to finding out who or what may be haunting it.

Will Baker

Will has been working for Haunted Happenings for over 3 years and in that time, he has had many amazing and unexplained experiences. He never researches the history of a location before his visit, so he has no prerequisite ideas of who he might meet during the Vigils. When investigating, his favourite method of communication with the paranormal is via the Ouija Board as this gives him greater detail on who he is interacting with. He also likes using and experimenting with newer forms of communication technology and trigger objects as they quickly make apparent what can’t be seen. Whilst he has not yet investigated Oxford Castle & Prison, it has been on his list of places he has wanted to visit for a long time, so he is very excited to finally be able to investigate the historic site.

Learn more about Investigating the Paranormal: LIVE!

Meet the Investigators: Philip Barron

12th Apr, 2021

Meet Philip Barron, a paranormal investigator for Haunted Happenings. On Saturday 24th April, he will be conducting a LIVE investigation of Oxford Castle & Prison with his fellow Haunted Happenings team. Make sure to tune in to see what they reveal! 

From an early age, Philip has been interested in all things paranormal. After a close encounter with the other realm 16 years ago, this first taste of the paranormal got him hooked on explaining what he encountered. This fascination led him to join Haunted Happenings in 2005, where he has been on over 250 investigations across the country. With Haunted Happenings, he has been able to get one step closer to finding out the truth and learning more about his past experiences.

One Halloween, Philip took a group picture of those attending a ghost hunt at the derelict Newsham Park Hospital, in the photo the spirit of a little girl can be seen… Take a look for yourself…

A few weeks later Philip returned to Newsham Park Hospital and conducted a vigil in the basement of the hospital. Through the means of an Ouija Board, he was contacted by the spirit of the girl he had taken the photo of. It is safe to say this was one of Philips’ most prolific and memorable experiences with the paranormal.

It is experiences like these that keep Philip on his toes during paranormal investigations as he never knows what could happen! With his expertise and ghostly gravitas, hopefully, he will be able to contact those living in Oxford Castle & Prison on the night.

Tickets available here for the VIRTUAL paranormal investigation of Oxford Castle & Prison



Meet the Investigators: Natalie Barker

6th Apr, 2021


On Saturday 24th April 2021, Oxford Castle and Prison will be hosting their first-ever virtual paranormal investigation! With the expertise of Haunted Happenings, their trained ghost hunters may bring to light what lives in the shadows of the 1000-year-old building.

One of the investigators who will be here live on the night is Natalie. She has been a team leader at Haunted Happenings for over 8 years and has led many investigations at Oxford Castle and Prison. During her time investigating Oxford Castle, one experience has always stood out to her. Whilst conducting an investigation in one of the historic prison cells, she and her group could hear a persistent knocking on the window, unable to explain the sound from within the cell, they quickly exited and went outside to try to debunk the eerie noise. However, when they reached the window from the outside, they realised it was too far off the ground for anyone to reach or for any tree branches to knock against it.

This is not the first time Natalie has been startled during a paranormal investigation with Haunted Happenings. During her first-ever ghost hunt, Natalie was part of a team exploring the dungeon to a castle. A member of the team warned her of a gentleman standing behind her. In sheer panic, she screamed and ran out of the building and then spent the rest of the ghost hunt calming herself down by sitting on the grass outside. It wasn’t until later that the team member told her that she got confused as they were just trying to warn her not to bump into another guest standing behind her! Needless to say, this experience only heightened Natalies’ interest in the paranormal and she booked on to a number of other ghost hunts before joining the team to lead ghost hunts herself.

Join Natalie and the rest of the Haunted Happenings team as they investigate Oxford Castle & Prison. Tickets available here.




Earth Hour

25th Mar, 2017


We’ve switched off for Earth Hour!


Matilda: The Strongest Woman We Know

8th Mar, 2017

For International Women’s Day, we are honouring the strongest woman in Oxford Castle’s history: Empress Matilda.



Celebrating 800 years since the Magna Carta – How was Oxford involved?

19th Mar, 2015

The Magna Carta is considered to be one of the most important documents in history. Signed 800 years ago by King John of England, it essentially agrees that everyone, including monarchs, are subject to the Law.


Diet of an Oxford Castle Prisoner

18th Feb, 2015

Spare a thought for Oxford Castle prisoners of 1840 whose standard prison diet would make any lent participant’s diet look like a luxury!


They did it for Love

14th Feb, 2015

You may not consider Oxford Castle to be the most romantic of places, what with its centuries of grime, crime and deadly diseases so you’ll be surprised to hear we’ve had more than our fair share of love stories over our 1000 years.

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